Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising with Het Graphics

Ajit Ads – Het Graphics , Outdoor Advertsiing Giants.

Het Graphics started its business in outdoor industry in year 2000. It deals in Kiosks, Hoardings and Signages. Its web of kiosks and hoarding is spread through out the Ahmedabad city. It has been successfully providing one stop solution in outdoor advertising to all its clients. Het Graphics is also known for its innovations and ideas in the industry.

Unipoles and Hoardings

Hoardings refers to a large board at the side of a road, used for displaying advertising posters [Old French hourd palisade]. And Unipoles refers to larger advertising board on one single pole. Check out the fact figures of Het Graphics hoardings

  • 130+ HOARDINGS in only Ahmedabad city
  • 95% of hoardings are eye catching UNIPOLES
  • All hoardings are either front-lit or back-lit
  • Our Design of the Hoardings is selected as a model by the Ahemedabad Urban Development Authority(AUDA) and Ahemedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC)

Small Backlit Unipoles (Road Signage)

This is smaller version of Hoardings. But are in back sides of Road Signages. These tiny and cute little structures are besides roads, and have high amount of visibility among road side walkers. We have:

  • 650+ signages at prime roads in Ahmedabad city
  • 80+ signages at Mehsana city
  • 40+ signages at Patan city
  • 30+ signages at Unja city

Light Pole Kiosks

A small advertising structure on street light pole is called Light Pole Kiosks. We have:

  • 5000+ Street light pole kiosks covering almost all prime locations in Ahmedabad city.

Gantries (Over Head Panel)

Big over head panel hoarding on road is called as gantries. Because of its nature and location it has high amount of visibility.

Mall Advertising

Now a day, so many people make their purchases from malls. It is emerging as new outdoor advertising wing. As a heavy weight outdoor adverting agency Het Graphics and its associates has good network in almost all malls across the Ahmedabad city.